Herbst Music Programme Hillbrow


Herbst Music Project at Abraham Kriel Children’s Home, Maria Kloppers Campus, Hillbrow, Johannesburg.

His last words to his granddaughter: “Follow your heart and make a difference”, have inspired Erica Louw to go and do just that – with music and education. Erica  started to volunteer at the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home after moving to Johannesburg in January 2015. She noticed that one of the big challenges faced by the staff at the home was to get to help the children with their motor and cognitive development, she also knew that music education was one of the best ways to do this.  Erica’s path crossed again with an old university friend,  Joy Meyer, who has taught in similar projects in Atteridgeville, at the ACT | UJ Arts & Culture Conference in 2015. After the go ahead from the Children’s home, they teamed up to start the  Herbst Music Programme, in honour of her grandfather, Christiaan Pieter Herbst. Every Friday they go to the home and teach the violin, and 20 youngsters are now learning all about the magic of music.